Special Events...

​​​​​​​​ Live Music at Fedora's...
Saturdays from 7-10pm (see calendar)

Cigar events scheduled will be from 6-9pm (see calendar)

Feb 16: Dave Powers
Feb 23: Mike Imbasciani

Mar 2: Grand Opening 3-7pm
Mar 16: Bryan Lee
Mar 21: Ashton Event 6-9pm
Mar 30: Mike Imbasciani

Apr 06: Robbin King
Apr 13: Ron Lorenzo
Apr 17: Oliva Event 6-9pm
Apr 27: Mike Imbasciani

May 11: Bryan Lee
May 16: Esteban Carreras Event 6-9pm
May 25: Robbin King

Jun 08: Robbin King
Jun 12: Foundation Cigar Event
JunĀ 22: Bryan LeeĀ 

July 31: Aganorsa Cigar Event

Aug 15: Perdomo Event


New Bar Photos

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Past Celebrations...

Our Grand Re-Opening was held Saturday August 20, 2016. What a great success and so much fun! The food was great, the music fabulous, and the people were happy! Thanks to everyone who helped make it a success!!!